The Wild Orchid Foundation had the utmost privilege and pleasure to hold our first summer camp in our scholarship program, for college students. We currently have 8 scholar grantees in our program. They are vocational training students at Carcar City College in Cebu. Our summer camp is a full 2 week immersion experience, filled with workshops and activities to enrich recipients on a panoramic scale.

Our agenda included: mentorship workshops of motivation and strategizing. We conduct talks on improving our communities, and career development. We held socials of karaoke, celebratory meals and recreational excursions. Wild Orchid Management had the honor to trek to the remote countryside, and visited each scholar’s home and families.

Classes that were offered pertained to one’s pursued, field of study, as well as enrichment classes: yoga, chess and dance. We had one on one sessions of mentorship and career forecasting. Also, paramount of utmost value to our endeavors is our community service. We embarked on many projects to uplift and assist vulnerable community members such as visiting and delivering needed amenities and meals to under resourced schools.

We also visited the detention center to feed and to bring cheer to detainees, many of which are teenagers, detained indefinitely. We also went to the local prison to bring necessities to confined women and men and most importantly to show them love and accompany them in their incarceration.

The Mariano Mercado Scholars are the pride of The Wild Orchid Foundation. They know what it is to be hungry and do without. They are not strangers to tragedy and death by curable ailments. They are the future ambassadors and leaders in our global plight against circumstantial poverty and social malaise.