Our Mission

The Wild Orchid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt and tax deductible charitable organization based out of Los Angeles, California and Cebu, Philippines. 100% of your donation goes directly to benefit the communities we serve because the costs are covered by the directors.
Based on our conviction that all individuals deserve a life of education, opportunity and well being, The Wild Orchid Foundation is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Cebu, Philippines through arts and education. The Wild Orchid Foundation offers services to empower impoverished Filipinos, enabling them to overcome their circumstantial and environmental challenges. We strive to assist all disadvantaged members of our community:

  • children, parents, youths
  • women
  • the incarcerated
  • the elderly
  • the sick and the abandoned

The organization’s name “Wild Orchid” was inspired by the wild orchids that grow throughout The Philippines and symbolize the growth and potential of each and every Filipino, in their struggle to achieve self sufficiency and empowerment...

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