Thanks to Joey Solano and his mother, Dr. Generosa, Wild Orchid Foundation was connected with the wonderful young ladies at the girls’ home for orphans, under the care of gentle sisters. Wild Orchid presented gifts from donors: school materials, literature books, chess boards with pieces and tsinelas (flip flops). We had the very special time with the girls and teach them yoga and chess. We were privileged to have an extensive dance performance from all of the skilled dancers.

We are pleased to be in touch and make these meaningful connections and know how all the students are progressing at school. There are close to 35 girls living as one united family. They are studious and keep their home in order. They have a few pet dogs, one older and now a new puppy, and attend school in close walking distance.

We are proud to be a part of their academic trajectory and their pursuit of excellence, With the absence of one’s own biological family, one is driven to realize the value of work and education from an early age. It is a blessing for them all to live in a safe, protected and nurturing environment.

Thank you to the sisters and young women for hosting us and experiencing your warm abode of talented youngsters filled with wonder and vitality. Wild Orchid Foundation looks forward to accompanying you in your growth and watching all that you will achieve in your bright and promising futures. Mabuhay!