The Mariano Mercado Scholarship Students are a major part in carrying out Wild Orchid Community Projects. They worked very hard to nourish hungry children in the community. The team prepared healthy meals at Wild Orchid headquarters in Carcar, Cebu. After preparing and packing the hot meals, they went to the site for the meal. Inadequate nourishment is a common state for many in these rural neighborhoods. While most families make less than $5 per day, it is always a struggle to have a constant supply of balanced meals. Many people live off the land, planting their own crops and selling them too. Since electricity is not always available (or a safe installment) many families do not have refrigerators or running water near the home.

While hunger is a social malaise to all it affects; it is especially detrimental to young children, who become weak and emaciated. Apart from health issues, they are unable to focus and learn in school on an empty stomach. The Wild Orchid Scholarship Students know this hunger. This is their reality. This is why it is so important for them to finish their studies, graduate and build careers for self -sustainability. The Wild Orchid Foundation presents a vision to a community, to transform lives in their “barangays” (neighborhoods).

Our scholars are deeply grateful to be able to pursue their dreams and graduate. This is not a common achievement for much of the population, including their parents. This is why our scholars are invested to give back to those who are struggling, in their communities; and to break the cycle of poverty.  This would not be possible without the support of our benefactors. Daghan salamat sa tanan. (Thank you for everything) If you wish to help in our feeding and health programs you can donate using PayPal to

100% of your donations go directly to the cause and not to administrative expenses because the costs are covered by the Wild Orchid founders.