In April, The Wild Orchid Team made their quarterly visit back to The Philippines. It was most productive. We visited schools to give them support via resources and enrichment in the classrooms. We strive to alleviate financial burden for our students, in order to attend school. Many of our students are having difficulty to pay for their bus transportation on a regular basis. Since there is no internet access in the areas we serve, students may have to print many of their works and are unable to pay for the printing or access a printer in order to meet their academic deadlines and assignment requirements. Our elementary students participated in a letter exchange with students from US classrooms to promote cultural awareness and connect between youths internationally.

We also visited the prisons to remind our incarcerated members of community of their significance and the value of their lives. We accompany them and motivate them with enrichment activities such as chess, an exercise for the mind and counsel them with affirmation to practice the power of positive thinking.

During our time, we also pursued our environment initiative to “clean up and keep clean” in the ocean as well as on land. Our team delivered food and medicine to the elderly who are confined to homes in remote regions. We serviced unemployed parents of children sleeping on the streets. Our main concern is to provide assistance so that the underserved can eventually sustain themselves. The first priority is for our youth to receive a competitive education and graduate. For our prisoners, we help them to use their time to reflect and reassess the power each individual has to choose their destiny on a daily basis, even against great odds and circumstantial challenges. Much of what we do, is reshape thinking and dissolve cultural stigmatism and shame. We are devoted to help as many poverty stricken community members to our fullest capacity, but that is an ongoing feat to fully accomplish. We cannot save the entire world but if we can change the world for someone, it is all worthwhile. If you wish to join us to create new opportunities and foster well being for those living in dire poverty; 100% of your donation goes directly to our educational programs and support services. This is because the costs to run our organization are covered by The Wild Orchid Directors.