October was a month of service from different members of the Wild Orchid Team and community.  The Cohen-Ahitov family led a drive at their Culver City school: Turning Point School. Over 1400 books, were donated, by Turning Point students, and their families. The outpour of effort continued long after the drive officially ended. The kindergarten class also participated in a writing exchange with Filipino Students of their common age. The books will be donated to schools in the Philippines for the Nyora Taling Literacy Programs to inaugurate libraries for students. A portion of the books will also go to The Carcar Detention Center and The Carcar City Jail so detainees and inmates can also benefit from story and literacy.  Our gratitude surpasses what words can express. Daghan Salamat to the Cohen Family and Turning Point School. You are making a “turning point” difference in the lives of others here and now.


The Eighth Grade Wild Orchid Junior Ambassadors from Good Shepherd Elementary School, Colin Yarbrough, Rocco Rossetto and Etienne Jimenez-Baran volunteered hours on their day off to categorize and organize the books donated by Turning Point School and pack them into Balik Bayan boxes to ship to the Philippines.  You have all our admiration for your selfless giving of your time and service to assist Wild Orchid communities.


Wild Orchid Visitation to Orphanage in Tijuana to decorate and set up a new playroom for the boys.  Invited by Compassion with Action,  and hosted by Corazon de Vida with Lipstick Sister; a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers traveled in a bus across the border. The room designed by Iliana Soraya who led the project with Sandra Luesse and Erica Lippy; was lovingly designed with a soccer theme and the boys now enjoy and bright beautiful playroom with a state of the art flatscreen  TV, and comfy couches.   It was an act of love that will give their  childhood a sense of comfort, and belonging.