Feeding and Classroom Support

One of our most successful endeavors was carried out at Canal Elementary School. This is one of the schools on our Feeding Program and Classroom Support roster. Located in a rural mountainous in Southern Philippines, many of the students come to school hungry because they don’t always have food available at home. Their families do not have refrigerators. Most do not have running water or electricity.

Because of our generous donors, Wild Orchid was able to give them a supply of rice with rice cooker plus a refrigerator to have healthy meals on hand for undernourished students, especially the most vulnerable and emaciated ones.

Wild Orchid presented the classroom supplies donated by schools in the US. We brought meals to distribute on our periodic visitation. Malnutrition makes it impossible to learn to the best of their ability. While most students walk hours to school and back home, they are also prevented from their academic routine when the rains flood the road or when it is blocked by construction to build a mandated quarry.

This project was carried out by The Wild Orchid Mariano Mercado Scholarship Students and our Philippine managemt staff. Canal Elementary and director, faculty and staff are always so gracious and appreciative of our benefactors enabling them to aspire high to access health, education and wellbeing.

Wild Orchid also provided Canal with a quantity of books and chessboards for literacy and further enrichment. We welcome partnerships with able schools and educators who wish to donate materials and funds to our educational projects for these children, who live without the basic resources required to thrive and build a promising, sustainable future.