The Wild Orchid Foundation US Team was honored and delighted to visit the homes of each of our scholarship grantees. We were incredibly happy to meet their families and experience a « slice » of their daily lives. It was a lengthy trek and far off the beaten path, to arrive at everyone’s individual domain.

It certainly brought to light, all that is fully required to travel to and from school. Also, we are greatly impacted to comprehend the obstacles they face each day; and also consider, should there be heavy rains or floods. One of our scholars, felt that he would leave our program due to his motorcycle breaking down. Thanks to his sponsor Lucjan Chowaniec, he was able to afford a bike replacement and thanks to this support, continues on with his studies.

It is with ultimate satisfaction to see that our scholarship funding is making education a reality for The Mariano Mercado Scholarship Recipients. Our students live in remote countryside. They live off the land and rely on their harvests to sustain their living. They tend to farm life and raise cows, chickens, roosters and the Filipino sacred water buffalo, the carabao.