In November, Wild Orchid was very blessed to have more Junior Ambassadors, eighth graders from Good Shepherd Catholic School help in the effort to break the cycle of poverty. We are so grateful to our youths for being the change we want in the world. We had eighth graders: Rocco, Colin and Etienne pack Balikbayan boxes to be shipped off to the Philippines. If you wish to donate to cover the shipping costs of the Balikbayan boxes, you can go to the donation portal. **** The cost is $80 per box.  The boys packed over 1000 books that were donated by Turning Point Elementary. Wild Orchid is so proud of our students for their drive and enthusiasm in making a difference. We also, went as a group, to feed homeless women at the Languille House Emergency Shelter for Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children. For this project, Kyle, Matthew, Mateus and Nico brought and prepared food for the homeless. Kyle also led a heartfelt prayer before meals. Wild Orchid does most of their work in The Philippines, but we are always ready to serve the underserved wherever we are, and whenever we can fill a need, we will do it. Seeing our youth so concerned with our community, shows us that the future is in good hands. After feeding the homeless, our eighth graders went back to Wild Orchid Headquarters to pack more Balikbayan boxes. Our work is never-ending but their efforts will undoubtedly make a lot of children happy to experience the joy of reading and learning.

Here we have our youngest Junior Ambassador, Marco

We had so many books from the drive that Junior Ambassador Chiara helped with our Operations Officer, Eva.