One of Wild Orchid’s ongoing projects is to assist local birthing centers upgrade their equipment and services, insuring pre and post natal care to mothers and infants. Many birth centers are under resourced, for a lack of funding and often mothers cannot afford to pay for adequate healthcare. Many live in remote regions, where there is no access to care. Mothers and babies often die during childbirth due to a scarcity of proper services, and capable birthing attendants.

Problems that arise are anemia, infection, obstructive births, hemorrhaging, hypertension disorders, vitamin deficiency and other conditions and complications. The Wild Orchid Foundation provides supplies to local birthing attendants, to improve birthing facilities, by empowering both, the team and also empower mothers and babies, through education, access to supplies and services (Insert pictures C & D)

This is one of our visitations, in which The Mariano Mercado Scholarship Grantees have delivered and set up gifts, made possible by our donors. Supplies gifted were extremely needed , as centers were operating without functioning items, or without essential items in order to facilitate ideal care. Items provided included: refrigerators, to store medicines and vaccines; stethoscopes and scales. 200 onesies were donated by Amanda Griffin Jacob in commemoration of her grandmother, Nyora Mandy Corrine.
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Together, working with community, we can gradually set goals, and carry them out to improve the quality of care in our barangay families from the beginning stages. Daghan salamat to our supporters who invest in necessary health benefits, to insure a future of longevity, promise and hope for families. Mabuhay!