The Mariano Mercado Scholars we’re thrilled to spend joyful festivity with our friends at Missionaries of the Poor, a home for displaced elderly and special needs residents. Many of the residents share backgrounds of abandonment and some have been found displaced by natural disasters such as in Tacloban, and found wandering alone.

The facility is managed by Brother Cris Ortega and a small staff. The Wild Orchid Team brought bags of rice, adult diapers, medical supplies, a washing machine and of course Christmas spirit and lots of cheer. There was much singing, laughter and merriment. Many of the residents do not have family or do not have visiting family.

Our scholarship students and management team were so happy to spend this cherished time together, with gifts and joyous celebration. The Christmas Spirit brought love and kinship to the home and it was a gift for us all to share this joyous time. We are in touch with our friends regularly, who rely on community support as many are without family support.

This residence is located in Talisay, Cebu and if you wish to assist them, please consider to donate through our payment portal, indicating that you wish to help our residents in Talisay. 100% of monetary donations go directly to the cause, and not to administrative expenses because the extra costs are covered by Wild Orchid Founders. You are directly helping someone in need. If you know anyone who is near Talisay, we are putting together a roster of patrons who can donate and deliver amenities on an appointment basis. Thank you for your generous hearts.